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First Aid During a Pandemic


It is important for everyone to know how to provide First Aid. And now, during the coronavirus and quarantine pandemic, it is essential to have this knowledge. Many people panic because they call an ambulance unnecessarily, or do not act correctly before the doctors arrive and give incorrect information when calling an ambulance. To reduce panic and reckless actions, and save as many lives as possible, Erste-Hilfe Kurs München was launched.

During the first lesson, Erste Hilfe Kurse corona will teach you:

  • what to do to reduce the number of errors during a telephone consultation;
  • how to help patients in times of uncertainty;
  • what to do to protect your own health;
  • what is quality assistance at a distance.

How should the team of First Aid act?

The ambulance crew must use the necessary personal protective equipment during the examination, care, and transportation of a patient with a suspected or confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19. Malteser Erste Hilfe Kurs München provides the algorithm of actions in such situation.

Before arrival:

  • get information from the dispatcher;
  • prepare the necessary set of personal protective equipment;
  • prepare the necessary settings for the examination and emergency medical care.

At the initial examination of the patient:

  • adhere to a safe distance (more than 2 m);
  • determine the level of consciousness; assess respiration, skin color;
  • suggest that the patient wear a mask

Which patients can be treated on an outpatient basis?

If the patient has signs of a viral disease, vital signs are within normal limits and, accordingly, there are no threatening signs mentioned above, Notfallmedizin Erste Hilfe Kurs recommends staying at home, and informing a doctor. Patients with a mild form of the disease who do not belong to the risk groups for complications from COVID-19 are recommended to be treated on an outpatient basis (at home).



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