What happens to your body after a massage 


Feeling too overwhelmed lately? Whatever may be the cause of your stress, be it financial conditions, or pressures at work. Stress can cause problems  in sleep, increase of irritability, anxiety and fatigue. You are not alone if you feel like the  everyday stress is taking a toll on your wellbeing and productivity. An effective , preventive and holistic healing solution to deal with stress is massage therapy. Through this article we aim to shed light on what happens inside your body when you are taking a massage.  

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Let’s discuss  the impact of massage on your body and the science behind it

  1. First and foremost mention on the list has to be off relaxation which seeps in with the gliding and rhythmic movements of your massage therapist on your skin. All the techniques used in massage activates the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for relaxation.  It also enhances  the production of feel good hormones like endorphin and happy hormones like serotonin  while reducing the production of stress causing hormones like cortisol.
  2. The deep massaging of muscles in your body decreases the activity of proteins that cause inflammation also called inflammatory cytokines. Simultaneously when stimulated with massage the  the brain also releases certain levels of protein that induces energy and faster muscle recovery. The process of massage works just like pain relieving medicine.
  3. Sleep disturbances are associated with the number of chronic and terminal illnesses. It is common to fall asleep involuntarily while getting a massage done.  but regular massages will help in falling asleep faster and in remaining asleep for longer periods. Massages instigate the body’s natural tendency to Deep relaxation while hiking up the serotonin levels which in turn releases the melatonin which is responsible for making you feel calm. Since massages also remove all your worries from the foreground of your brain, sleep seeps in faster. Also massage addresses any sorts of physical discomfort by easing the pain in the body,  sleep comes easily.

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  1. We all know that massage enhances blood circulation. But the reason for that happening is all the massage techniques push more freshly oxygenated blood to all the distant Parts of the body.  This improvement in blood circulation also helps the body to heal faster on a cellular level by providing it with all the necessary nutrients and tissues. Blood circulation improves soreness and tension in muscles decreases. Hence remember to couple your physically exhausting activities with massage therapies.