Top 3 Underrated High THC Cannabis Strains


Cannabis is sweeping the globe. Every year, it seems that new research is being released, unveiling the ever-expanding catalog of possible health benefits of this age-old herb. Marijuana has a lot of healing potential, both physically and mentally, and seeds are the secret to taking full advantage of everything cannabis has to offer.

There are hundreds of online dispensaries for you to buy cannabis seeds in USA. You can buy the seeds of your favorite cannabis strain with high THC content and cultivate them at your house and enjoy its recreational and medicinal benefits.

In this post, we have shared information about the top 3 underrated cannabis strains whose seeds you can buy and grow Buy Cannabis Seed Usa.

1) Candyland Peyote Seeds

Candyland Peyote is a strong, uplifting, and euphoric combination of Candyland and Peyote Purple. This strain is striking in its unique brilliance and is relatively easy to cultivate indoors or outdoors. She only takes about ten weeks to reach flowering and can produce up to 800 grams per plant! The strain’s average THC content is 24%, while the CBD content is less than 1%.

2) OG Kush Seeds

Many cannabis consumers attempt to obtain this potent strain for a variety of purposes. A selling point will be how quickly they grow, with a flowering period of 8-9 weeks. This is useful for those who want to grow a large number of plants in a short period of time. This strain is ideal for novices, experienced farmers, and everyone in between. This strain has a THC content of up to 27 percent. The strain is also a 75-25 indica dominant blend.

3) Cement Boots

This indica hybrid strain would be suitable for use at night. It comes from an exceptional lineage but has remained mysterious and uncommon in the cannabis universe. It will have a powerful mind and body high that will contribute to deep sleep. It has a high THC content of 23%, which can make your olfactory senses clash with your tastebuds. The CBD content of this strain does not exceed 1%.

These three strains’ recreational and therapeutic advantages would place them on the radar for many consumers. Since they are tough to find in dispensaries, they are an excellent choice for home cultivation and guarantee that you have access to the good stuff when you really need it.

If you are looking to buy effective cannabis seeds for your medicinal or recreational purpose, it is time for you to make a choice from the above strains. Having these seeds will prove handy as the strains are quite rare. You can research for the best possible online dispensary to buy cannabis seeds in USA.