Helpful Tips to Find the Right Rehab Center


When someone’s life begins to careen out of control because of excessive drug use or alcohol consumption, they may need to find a rehab in Portsmouth facility to help get their life back on track. However, finding the right treatment program can be challenging.

For those who are tasked with finding the right rehab treatment facility for a loved one or for themselves, a few tips can help make this process a little easier. Keep reading to learn what those tips are.

Request an Assessment

Before choosing a treatment facility, it is a good idea to be evaluated by a physician or a substance use professional. Find out what they say and recommend. Be sure to explore all the available options. Not everyone will require a residential treatment facility. Sometimes, intensive outpatient treatment or going to 12-step meetings may be the right fit for a patient. These options are often as effective as staying in a 90-day residential treatment facility.

Research the Facilities to Make Sure the Needed Resources Are Available

Some people dealing with substance abuse issues may be dealing with other clinical conditions, such as anxiety and depression. It is a good idea to check the website of the rehab center that is being considered to determine if they have the needed resources, such as the right counselors, who can deal with this dual diagnosis issue. Be sure to contact the facility and get more information about the resources that are listed on their website. There are some facilities that may list options they don’t even offer.

Find out if Medication Is used at the Treatment Center

If someone needs treatment for an opioid addiction and they want the option to take prescription medication for treating the dependency on drugs, find out if this is offered. There are some treatment centers that use the abstinence model for treating opioid addiction, while others offer access to medication.

There are some prescription medications, like methadone and naltrexone that have been effective in increasing the retention in a treatment program for a heroin addict. Just make sure to understand that some facilities will offer detoxification services. Those services will help people medically as their bloodstream is freed from the toxic substances, usually soon after the person has been drinking or used drugs.

Find a Facility with Longevity

Try to avoid a rehab center that has not been in business for less than five years. Some of these locations may be suitable, but others could just be opportunistic and trying to take advantage of the higher demand for these services. It is important to note that a shady treatment facility is not in business for the long-term. They will usually fail because of unlawful or unethical business practices.

When it comes to finding an alcohol and drug treatment facility, be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind. This will help ensure that the right one is found and that it can provide the right treatment for the person who needs help.