What Is Lemon Haze Weed And Tips For Growing Lemon Haze Weed


A great strain used and loved by people all over because of its energetic characteristics of making a person focussed than before. This happens because the strain is a sativa dominant strain, with around 80% of its concentration being sativa. Also, it has around 21% THC levels that make it a great choice for people with chronic pain. This article will focus on lemon haze weed and tips for growing high-yielding Lemon Haze Weed plants.

1- What is lemon haze weed? 

Lemon haze weed is an award-winning weed that has kind of become a celebrity of the weed kingdom. With many people daily ordering lemon haze weed, it has become one of the highest ordered strains of all time. It was also awarded the High Time Cannabis Cup award in the years 2008 and 2009. Since it has 20% indica, it helps keep the consumer calm and relaxed.

The West Coast residents of the US and British Columbia in Canada consume more amounts of lemon haze weed. This particular strain is an instant hit among the locals because of its sweet aroma and earthy tones, and citrus flavors. This makes the person wanting for more, and one cannot get enough of this strain.

Due to its high THC concentration, a dose higher than average will help solve normal issues such as loss of appetite, vomiting, and fatigue. There are CBD products available online from i49 in the market of lemon haze weed that you can consume and protect your lungs from being exposed to the smoke.

2- Tips on growing the lemon haze weed 

This particular strain can be grown indoors and outdoors, but experts will suggest you grow the lemon haze weed outdoors as you can get high yields. The plant requires a lot of sun and warm climates and is also resistant to insects and pests. Usually, when grown outdoors, the plant gives you around 18 ounces of yield, which is enough for some.

When growing the plant as nutrients, you can add silica as they help five higher yields. Silica helps the plant become more strong and makes the plant more resistant to insects and pests. Also, the consumption of carbon dioxide increases, helping the metabolism of the plant. You can use any pre-packed soil that you can buy for growing the weed.

The ideal temperature for growing the plant is between 65 and 85. If you’re growing the plant indoors, the temperature must be around 70 and 80. If you feel carbon dioxide has increased in the room, you can increase the temperature. People have been using organic fertilizers for the best yields, and you can choose between organic fertilizers or synthetic fertilizers.

To sum it up

The lemon haze weed is one of the best weed strains available in the market, and you can get good yields by taking proper care of the plant.