What are the Specialized CPAP Masks?


    Though the majority of the masks you’ll discover fall under the primary categories, there are some less usual mask kinds you might see. While they’re not recommended as usual, if you have a problem adjusting to CPAP therapy, your physician might recommend a specialized Dreamwear full face mask.

    • Crossbreed CPAP Mask

    A hybrid mask resembles a complete face mask incorporated with a nasal pillow. The mask seals over the mouth; however, under the nose. Hybrid CPAP masks are a great selection for CPAP individuals that require a full-face mask but do not intend to cover the bridge of their nose.

    • Nasal Prong CPAP Mask

    Nasal prong masks place delicately into the nostrils, as well as might utilize a mouth flap, glue pads, or a forehead pad to stay in location. Unlike nasal cushions, they do not cradle under or around the nose. These supply the least contact with any kind of mask design; however, might not help CPAP individuals with high-pressure settings.

    • Oral CPAP Mask

    Dental masks seal around the mouth only, as well as need minimal headgear. They may consist of a flap that relaxes between your teeth to assist to maintain the mask stable. These masks can be useful for individuals with a drifted or damaged septum which avoids them from breathing through their nose.

    • Complete Face CPAP Mask

    An overall face mask seals over your whole face, from your chin to your forehead. These are normally suggested to people with facial irregularities that stop appropriate mask seals, or that have difficulty tolerating other mask types.

    How to Select the Best CPAP Mask for Your Sleeping Position?

    It may look like a piece of cake that you’d choose the tiniest, lightest mask possible, yet that won’t indicate much if it won’t stay on your face. Among the most vital points to take into consideration is your resting placement and how much you move in your sleep.

    The Most Effective CPAP Mask for Side Sleepers

    Because your mask will be touching your cushion, a side sleeper ought to pick one with a smaller-sized account, as well as a versatile style. That is the reason most side sleepers favors nasal pillow and CPAP mask.

    If you’re a side sleeper that requires a complete face CPAP mask, don’t fret! More recent designs of complete face masks have been made with you in mind. Minimal-contact masks include smaller-sized paddings and sleeker profiles to better match side sleepers.