Vaping tips for people with disabilities


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Vaping has taken over the world and is aiming at changing it too. With so many people coming forward, it is needless to say that vaping may soon replace cigarettes. Also, since these are safe to use, you can easily use it. A number of people with disabilities have been using vaping. Most of them have struggled with vaping devices.

Thus, this article is aimed at helping people with disabilities to make vaping easier for them. For all people suffering from mobility or disability, this article will eventually help them find the perfect device.

Changing coils

Changing coils of your vaping device is essential, but at the same time, it is pretty tricky. But, the difficulty and complexity in opening the coils simply depend on the device you are using. Well, most of the modern devices have push-fit coils that are easy to use. All you need to do is pull out the coil and then push a new one as the replacement.

E-bottle liquids

Most people over the time have had a struggle with the e-bottle liquids. This is usually because the vape products are designed to make them child-proof. But some adults have problems using e-bottle liquids too, especially the disabled ones. As a result, you may want to avoid using the short-fill bottles. The larger bottles are available in the market, too designed to meet the convenience of the customer. The top is usually hard to remove. So, you need to ensure that you shake the bottle properly. Most brands have premixed nicotine so that you don’t need to struggle with it.

Button issues

Most people have trouble with the buttons. So, you might want to use a device that is most probably an auto-inhale device. These auto-inhale devices are easy to use since they help in inhaling and puts on the vape for you. Therefore, you wouldn’t need to fuss over pressing the buttons, thereby proving to be extremely beneficial.

Filling tanks and pods

If you want to get hold of a pod device, you need to choose one that can be easily filled without having to be removed from the base. Most of the modern pod systems have a side-fill port. As a result, you can easily put the liquid into your bottle via the port.

If you cannot find modern pod systems, you might as well consider opting for prefilled cartridges and pods.

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