Top most strength training exercises, especially for runners

strength training exercises

When we talked about strength training exercises and running, many runners responded to it. It is interesting and a great topic for runners or those interested in strength training exercises. Running with strength exercises not only prevents you from injuries but also makes you faster and more robust. In this way, you can easily become an efficient runner.

But the runner will require special strength training compared to the basic exercise while lying on the gym mat. This article will tell you about the top 5 strength training exercises that are best for runners.

Top strength training exercises

Here you will better know the top strength training exercises that are best for runners. If you also want to do this kind of exercise, then read the following facts.

1- Planks

In the planks, you must prop yourself on the elbows with the feet slightly. Under this exercise, you must keep your body aligned and your abdominal muscles tight and directly forward the shoulder above the elbows. Stay in this position for around 45 seconds to 1 minute.

2- Lower body Russian twist

In this strength training exercise, you have to lie on your back with the help of the upper legs and bend your knees down to 90 degrees. Then, without changing the bending in your knees and hips, it lowers your legs towards the left side while remaining your shoulders to the floor contact. Then left, remain back to the beginning position, and repeat the exercise to the right side of the body.

3- Scorpion

Keep your body down in the pushup position. Next, increase your right knee near your left shoulder and rotate your hips towards the left. Then again, in the reverse direction, rotate your hips towards the right and try to touch your back to the right foot. Keep in this position for 30 seconds, starting with your right legs and then switching to the legs.

If you feel tough to do this exercise and make it easy to do, then do the starting step of this position, and start twisting in one direction only.

4- Back extensions

Lie down your face on the stability balls with the spread feet and broaden for balance. First, you must bend your elbows with your hands while touching lightly to the ground for the beginning support. This strength training exercise permits your hands forward to the ground. Next, expand your arms to the overhead. Hold this position for around 1 or 2 seconds.

5- Overhead Lunge

Hold the dumbbells pair straight towards the shoulders, with your straight arms and locked elbows. It helps to step forwards to your left leg and remains your body lower until the front knee is bent to 90 degrees.


This article will give you information on the top strength training exercises. In addition, I hope you get all the details on the different types of exercise that help you extend the shoulder and strengthen your muscles.