The truth about Varifocals and their effectiveness


Varifocals and the associated myths with it go hand in hand. With so many wrong information and notions about Varifocal glasses being circulated, it is important to know the reality, the truth and what they are. Here is our quick guide to make you understand the ins and outs of the varifocal lenses.

First and foremost thing, they are multifocal lenses that are designed in such a way that you can use them for distance, intermediate and reading from the upper, middle and lower zones respectively. Having said that it means that these glasses consist of not one but two prescriptions and are effective for correcting vision disorders caused by nearsightedness, farsightedness and presbyopia.

Another myth that varifocals should be used only by aged people is absolutely wrong. You need not attain the age of the 40s or 60s to wear them. As and when you suffer from both the eyesight refractive errors, you may use them irrespective of the age. They are crafted for the comfort of the consumers and to save them from the trouble of switching between distance and reading glasses every now and then.

People say – ‘’They can make you cross-eye or leave you with weaker eyes’’. ‘’Driving, climbing stairs or walking on the road becomes difficult.’’  ‘’Varifocals are hard to use.’’ ‘’You cannot wear contact lens once you are used to varifocal glasses’’. ‘’They are difficult to adjust’’. ‘’You must not order varifocal glasses online’’.….and many more such myths and imaginations are followed by a group of people who have never used them.

The reality is that all these above statements are totally baseless and wrong. Although the adjustment with the Varifocal glasses may not be immediate it is not impossible. The adjustment period varies from person to person and it ranges from 2 days to a couple of weeks. Thereafter, you are well acquitted with your glasses and can use them while climbing stairs, driving a car, or walking on the road.

Effectiveness of Varifocal glasses as blue light filter glasses

Think of using varifocals for distance and reading mode, but what about intermediate mode and their usage as blue light filter glasses.  They can equally be used to block the harmful blue light that is emitted from digital devices. Thus, when you are working on a computer, laptop, or watching television, you may use your varifocal glasses, provided you have customised them with the advanced coating of anti-blue light.

Once you become accustomed to the newly purchased varifocals, you forget the trouble of carrying different pairs of eyeglasses that are readers and distance glasses. You may use them for viewing distant objects, reading books, needlework, using computers, playing games on your Xbox, using several apps on smartphones etc.

Buying varifocal glasses online

When you buy varifocal glasses online, you must give a fair thought while selecting the specs manufacturer. The quality of eyeglasses, the clarity of the vision and the advanced protection feature provided with the Varifocals must be considered before placing an order online or at the store.

Specscart manufactures bespoke advanced varifocal glasses that can be customised according to the usage and taking enough care for the focal point of the glasses. Since everyone has a different prescription, focus point on glasses and pupillary distance. Therefore, all varifocal glasses are different and Specscart crafts them smartly with 30% enhanced vision clarity than other manufacturers. Besides, when you order varifocal glasses online you can select the best frame from among the hundreds of frames displayed at the website online as well as at their stores. Apart from various shapes, sizes, colours, designs, patterns and styles, you also get to order designer glasses onlinefrom Specscart. The availability of designer glasses online includes Calvin Klein, Tom Archer, Marc Fabien, and many more to suit your taste and preferences. Whether you want to display a bold statement or classic version, these designer glasses provide an enormous range of attractive glasses.

Once you have chosen the frame, put in the details of your prescription or to be on the safer side upload your prescription if you are unsure of any terminology stated therein. Finally, select the type of lenses i.e. varifocals and the advanced coating of anti-blue light. The blue light filter glasses from Specscart blocks 99.99% of the harmful blue light. Moreover, with every pair of eyeglasses, you get free of cost anti-UV and anti-glare coating.  When it comes to prices, Specscart offers competitive prices that are accessible while maintaining the highest quality standard of the material of eyeglasses and the lenses.

Thus, the benefits, effectiveness and the comfort derived from the varifocals is unmatched. No other eyeglasses or bifocal can provide the ease of transition smoothly from one prescription to the other except the varifocal lenses. And yes, there are no visible lines and you will be saved from the embarrassment of switching from one pair of the reader to another pair of distance glasses.

If you are still wondering if Varifocals are meant for you or not? Do not think, just order online or visit Specscart’s store. Wear them and notice the difference yourself. At the same time break free from the hassle of carrying two prescription glasses online.