The Importance of Physical Fitness for Health and Wellbeing


Regardless of your age, it is essential to engage in physical activity. Apart from making you healthier, it helps with general well-being. You should engage in exercises throughout your life to improve your quality of life. It does not matter your weight, height, or body shape; you can benefit from exercising.

On the other hand, you will need the right environment to undertake your exercises. At New Gym Kirkland, you get state-of-the-art equipment for different workouts. Still, access to a trainer gives you a chance to attain your objectives and do the right things to avoid injuries. It is located in Kirkland Urban plaza next door to Google. Here are reasons to enroll in the gym to gain physical fitness;

Improves Your Physical Health

Physical activity improves your health significantly. You do not need to exercise for long hours every day to be healthier. On the contrary, half an hour routine for five days a week can help. Some simple activities include walking, cycling, or jogging if you like the outdoors. Still, you can undertake simple workouts at a gym to help improve your health.

The exercises will help build your immunity, and the body will not be susceptible to illnesses. Your cardiovascular health improves as you reduce the risks of heart conditions and complications. Also, your bones and muscles become more robust. 

Helps with Mental Health

Mental well-being is becoming a concern as many people suffer from anxiety, stress, and depression. Studies show that being physically active can help with mental health. Your brain produces serotonin and endorphins that bring happiness as you work out. Still, it makes your brain more active, thus improving your cognitive abilities. 

Medical practitioners are integrating physical activities in treating patients with mental conditions. You will not need to get medication for the states, as exercising can help eliminate the symptoms and improve your mental health.

Increases Life Expectancy

Physical activity can increase your life expectancy. It is common to find old folks in the gym, but the initiative will ensure they live longer than their peers who do not work out. Studies show that dormant people who do not exercise are likely to die prematurely. 

Saves Money

Most senior citizens spend money treating chronic illnesses, and the conditions contribute to 70% of deaths in old age. However, you can avert the risk of terminal disease by exercising. It will save you thousands of dollars in managing conditions during the latter years of your life. Furthermore, you do not have to spend a lot of money to exercise. 

Improves Lifestyle

You can improve your lifestyle by exercising as it helps you stop risky behaviors like smoking and alcohol drinking. It enables you to change your lifestyle and adopt healthy ways. You will avert many problems by adopting a culture of working out.


Getting the right items for your exercise will ensure you are safe during the time and get the best out of the initiative. The clothes and shoes should be comfortable for the gym. Also, drink lots of water to help hydrate your body.