Suffering from wrinkles? Know how to treatment


Not all but most of us suffer from wrinkles before the onset of old age and honestly, that is one of the most annoying things to deal with. If you are suffering from wrinkles. If you are suffering from wrinkles, you can go for anti-wrinkle treatments. The Clinique Anti-Aging clinic can help you easily get over your wrinkles.

Wrinkles can breakout anytime and it is completely natural. It may be due to stress mostly. If you have been noticing the onset of creases, and folds on your skin, there is a high possibility that your skin has already lost elasticity and moisture. But, taking necessary steps can be great help for covering up the skin damage. Well, you may be under the belief that once these wrinkles set in, you can’t get over it, but you surely can.

Some of the prominent treatments that can help you get over the wrinkles easily include the following

Non-prescription anti-wrinkle creams

Before opting for surgery or face lift or any other such technique, you may prefer using non-prescription anti-wrinkle treatment. The over-the-counter creams are easily available in the market with a list of active ingredients that can help you get over it.

Due to the presence of active ingredients, the anti-wrinkle treatments can easily remove the dirt and dead skin cells. Apart from removing dirt, it also removes oil and makeup residue. These can even help to strengthen your skin.


This may come as a shock but certain pills can also help to remove wrinkles and they are far stronger than others. The creams are made up of retinoids, derived from vitamin A that can easily help to lessen the appearance of wrinkles.

Apart from removing the appearance of wrinkles, these medications can also be helpful for solving a number of problems such as collagen breakdown, skin roughness and splotchy pigmentation. The retinoid over-the-counter medicines are the active ingredient in medicines.

The only difference in prescription and non-prescription creams is the time taken to display the results.


Dermabrasion uses a rotating brush to remove the sands from the skin thereby promoting the growth of a new skin layer and preventing any other problem. It may be a little painful but the skin immediately heals after a certain time period. Dermabrasion may however show some side effects such as scabbing, swelling and redness depending on the skin type. The treatment may take some time, but it will surely help your skin heal and eventually lead to formation of wrinkle-free cells.