Size vigra is safe, natural and 100% effective male supplement which solve all male sexual problems in a natural way. This product promises an intense sexual behaviour with pleasure and does not produce any harmful effects on the body. It is a combination of a number of natural substances which give the optimum results by enhancing the production of libido and testosterone in the body.

The increase in production of these hormones leads to increase blood circulation towards your reproductive system. Moreover, they increase the sexual drive make your penis stronger and harder. Furthermore, it increases the duration of sexual intercourse.

What are the benefits of size vigra?

Blood flow– the use of size vigra increases the blood circulation and enhances the flow towards your penis. Increased blood flow results in an increase of the strength of penis and makes it harder.

Hormonal concentration– size vigra stimulates the production of testosterone and estrogen in the body (sexual hormones) which promote the sexual feelings.

Turnover time– size vigra promotes the production of new cells and remove dead cells from the body. Secondly, it stimulates appetite in the body and helps in metabolism.

Sex life– the use of this supplement makes your sex life better. It is the best drug to be used for patients with sexual dysfunctions and problems.

Muscle Congestion– Size vigra enhances the strength of muscles just like when you do exercise. It promotes the stamina to stay in bed for a long time and increases libido.

Physical attraction– the attraction towards your partner and the physical bonding is stimulated by size vigra. It helps to burn excess fat and helps the fuel not to deposit in the body.

Body metabolism– the body metabolism is accelerated by size vigra. Physical and mental performance is improved. It improves your self-confidence and helps you to do things on your own.

Components included in this product

This natural synthetic formula is prepared by experts after researchers and is attested in the lab for further investigation. The major ingredients which have made this product effective are:

  • Palmist oil– palmist oil is used against infertility and impotence in males. This is a very important and valuable ingredient of Size Vigra. It enhances the sexual drive and has stimulatory effects on CNS as well.
  • Peruvian Maca– Maca is basically a root of Peru. The major purpose of this product is to increase the sperm count, sebum production and to raise the level of libido in men.
  • Serenoa Repens– the use of this supplement will increase the body metabolism and ill increase appetite levels. The level of energy and power in the body is raised due to the addition of this component in size Vigra.
  • Organic Components– orgasms level and concentration are increased by organic nutrients. Size vigra is natural pill made up of all organic nutrients which enhance the power and strength of body and produce good orgasms.
  • Lactose and monohydrates are also added in trace amounts.

Pharmaceutical Forms

Size Vigra is a film coated tablet which is usually taken with water or warm milk. They are blue in colour and have a diamond or cylindrical shape. Size vigra tablets come in three doses:

  1. Size Vigra 25 mg.
  2. Size Vigra 50 mg.
  3. Size Vigra 100 mg.

Indications and Contraindications

Size Vigra is highly recommended in adult (above 18 years of age) men who have sexual dysfunctions and decreased libido. Moreover, men with erectile dysfunction can also use it for improved results.

The contraindications of Size Vigra are listed below:

  • If you are using medicines for chest pain relief (mainly nitrates) or for pulmonary hypertension like guanylate cyclase stimulators then this drug should be avoided. The reason behind this is that it will lower your blood pressure to such extent that it will become dangerous for you.
  • If you allergic to any of the components listed above then avoid using this tablet because it will cause drowsiness, dizziness, lethargy and chest pain.

How to consume it?

In order to get good and effective results, this drug is prescribed twice a day. One dose of 50 mg size vigra should be taken in morning with warm water and one by the evening. For the permanent solution of the problems, the intake should be done on daily basis even on the days when you are not willing to have sex.

Does it have any side effect?

Size vigra is a natural supplement with no side effects in particular. If you take this medicine over the recommended and optimum dose (>800mg) then it will cause side effects which include

  • Priapism (continuous erection of the penis that does not fade away even after sexual intercourse).
  • Blur or loss of vision in one or both eyes.
  • Hearing loss and auditory defects.

Where can you buy Size Vigra?

This product is not available in normal markets and departmental stores. One can buy this product from official website where it is 24/7 available with all the instructions.

It is not recommended to buy this product from free marketing websites because they can be fake or may give you the unnatural product.

Thirdly, when you receive this product make sure that its seal is intact.

Price and cost

This product is very reasonable and cheap. Size vigra can be afforded by all people of societies.

Warranty and Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied by the product, then wholesome of money can be refunded back by the company in one week. Size vigra has a good refund policy with minimal conflicts.

Moreover, this natural supplement package has a two-month warranty as well. If you do not get the desired results (which happen rarely) you can return it back to the company. Once you buy this product, you will not regret.

Is it a scam?

Size vigra is a natural male enhancement supplement which has been prepared in the lab for testing and researchers. It is surely not a scam because of the good results it produces. Size vigra brings about no harmful or negative results in the body, however, positive symptoms are seen. People who have used this product are highly satisfied.

Customer Views

Customers who have taken this product gave their positive feedback by saying that all their sexual problems have been diminished after using it. This product is something brilliant which brings about a positive sexual drive and enhancement in the sexual feelings. Customers have reported that after using this product their married life has become something different.

Doctors and Different psychiatrists have suggested this product for normal use in people who have low confidence issues or who are not willing to initiate the sexual intercourse.

Final Verdict

In the final verdict, it is stated that size vigra is a safe drug that can be used in all conditions of sexual abnormalities. It can bring about a positive response in the body and helps to overcome all life problems. Feel free to use it. So go order it from the official website before it gets out of stock.

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