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Six Reasons to You May Have to Visit a Physiotherapist


Physiotherapy focuses on holistically treating injuries, diseases, and deformities through body manipulation.  Integral Performance physio includes prescribed exercises, electrotherapy, massages, and other techniques meant to get to the cause of your symptoms. The following are the reasons you may want to visit a physiotherapist:

Alleviate Pain Due to Arthritis

Arthritis is irreversible; however, its progression can be slowed down and you can look for ways to control your muscles. This can be done with appropriate exercises and massage therapy. Exercise can relieve arthritis pain and increase your mobility by strengthening muscles and improving your overall range of motion. Massage therapy relieves pain due to joint swelling, muscle strain, and inflammation. 

Help You as You Recover from Surgery

Post-surgery physiotherapy plays an important role in your recovery efforts. It helps relieve pain and decreases scar tissue. Also, it helps your body heal. After surgery, you may not have the energy to exert yourself. A physiotherapist will help you develop exercises you can perform to help you maintain flexibility, strength, and mobility.

Boost Muscle Flexibility and Strength

A lot of physiotherapy exercises help improve muscle or joint flexibility and strength. Whether you are trying to lose weight or rehabilitate after an injury, a physiotherapist can recommend exercises you can perform to make your muscles stronger and more flexible. Being able to walk and visit places or take part in activities you like without pain is important to maintain good a quality of life. 

Improve Posture

Poor posture can result in pain, a worsening balance, incorrect alignment, and muscle tension. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you must see a physiotherapist as soon as possible. A therapist can help improve your posture to prevent any pain from becoming worse. As they lead you through recovery, they can help you strengthen the muscles used in posture. Good posture can help you avoid injuries. 

Helps with Dizziness or Vertigo

Vertigo or dizziness can occur when there is a problem with the system that gives the brain information on head position and motion. This sudden dysfunction can be due to an injury or illness. Physiotherapy involves the use of methods like balance training to correct this issue. 

Recover from Stroke

After a stroke, you could lose some movement and function. You can get physiotherapy to strengthen your body’s weakened parts as well as improve balance and gait. Your therapist will also help improve your ability to transfer in bed and move around it, so you can stay independent around your house. Physiotherapy can minimize the burden of care for activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and toileting.