Physical Therapy: Exercise To Reduce Knee Pain


Your everyday work is affected by the problem of knee weakness and knee pain. Due to this, you have difficulty in walking, getting up, sitting, as well as the constant pain in the knees, bothers you even in the state of rest. 

There can be many reasons behind the pain in your knees, in which you are overweight or obese, muscle weakness, injury, loss of cartilage, and poor diet. diet) is included. 

Many factors can cause knee pain and can make you a victim of Osteoarthritis. Our knees are responsible for many activities. Apart from this, they also carry the weight of your body. That’s why you need to take special care of them & visit a physical therapy clinic

You take various medicines for the complaint of knee pain, but there are some exercises, which can remove this pain. These exercises strengthen your hamstrings, thighs and can relax the knees in many ways. If you are also looking for a treatment for relieving Knee Pain, then know here about some exercises but, don’t do without taking suggestions from the expert of physical therapy.

These 3 things will make the weight and belly fat disappear soon!

  1. Step Ups

This exercise reduces the pressure on the joints. Place your right foot on the bench and lift your body upwards. After getting up, stay like this for some time. After that get down and stay like this for 10 to 12 times. Do the same with the left leg.

  1. Squats

Squats reduce the pressure on the knees and encourage the muscles to improve their movements. Keep both your hands in front.

Stand up straight and take your chest out a bit. Slowly bend the knees and do the exercise as if you are sitting on a chair. Apart from this, keep your knees like the toes of your feet. In this position, you slowly bend down. Do this until your thighs are level with the ground. Keep in mind that while doing this exercise, you keep your body very tight.

  1. Planks

Strong abs help in reducing the stress and pressure on your knee. The plank also helps in developing the right shape, which relieves knee pain and also relieves muscle fatigue. If your shape is not right, then it increases the pressure on your joints and knees.