Hydrogen Water – How It Protects Your Overall Health


Hydrogenated water supports to strengthen the immunity system, safeguards the body from many diseases, offers optimal hydration, as well as has the antioxidant properties which help fight the age-related issues. Hydrogen water happens to be a decisive element for healthy lifestyle if you are a working adult. In this article we go through the benefits of hydrogen water and its uses in everyday life. 


Oxidation and free radicals

Free radicals are generated by many biological processes in our daily life, such as when we breathe in oxygen, when food is transformed into energy (digestion) necessary for metabolism, or when the immune system has to fight bacteria and viruses.

But they must be controlled, because due to a lack of electrons, these free radicals will “steal” electrons from other molecules, making them unstable.

They cause destructive chain reactions, acidify our body and damage different cell structures such as DNA and the immune system, lead to premature aging and all kinds of diseases.

On the left the nails are submerged in normal water / while on the right they are submerged in hydrogenated water.

Our body is made up of 70% water, the same molecular reaction occurs with our cells, and it is the supply of hydrogen that reduces our oxidation.

Hydrogen: the best antioxidant

Antioxidants like hydrogen, are able to stop these reactions, because they associate with free radicals and annihilate their action by transforming them back into stable molecules.

Many antioxidant cells cannot cross lipid membranes, hydrophilic compounds, blood and brain barriers, and therefore do not access the DNA nucleus where free radicals are found.

Hydrogen, because it is smaller, is able to cross all barriers even the blood-brain barrier (blood and brain). It therefore easily reaches the tissues and can then counter the redox reaction at the origin of cellular aging better than any other antioxidant.

Action of antioxidants

Hydrogenated water is water enriched with a hydrogen molecule, and it is thanks to its better rate of penetration that not only does it fight against oxidation of the body, but this water also brings optimal hydration to our body thus strengthening immune defenses.

How is hydrogen absorbed by the body?

In our daily lives, we come into contact with many oxidizing chemical compounds such as tobacco and air pollution, in addition to consuming foods with a high oxidizing capacity such as sodas, preservatives and pesticides.

This is why it is important to watch your diet and provide our body with a sufficient source of antioxidants.

When hydrogen is dissolved in water, it improves the absorption of nutrients by cells, but it is itself easily absorbed, and is able to reach all tissues in the body in a very short time.

The antioxidant power of 1.5 L of hydrogenated water is equivalent to consuming 40 carrots, 500 apples or 700 bananas.

Hydrogen: a new therapeutic agent

Although our bodies work tirelessly to keep the pH balanced, sometimes it is not able to remove the acidity that builds up, and most diseases are more resistant to acidic organisms.

Hydrogenated water, because it is alkaline and antioxidant, helps our immune system to fight against:

Originally designed in Japan and South Korea, the main goal was to combat the effects of radiation and cancer. Hydrogenated water has proven to be a weapon in the fight against certain diseases.