Helpfulness Of Kratom For Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome


Lots of people suffer from opioid withdrawal syndrome. This is a life-threatening condition that arises from dependency on opioids. Opioids are some drugs that are utilized for managing serious pain, and they include heroin, morphine, methadone, codeine, hydromorphone, or oxycontin. At times, opioids are abused because they do assist with pain relief and mental relaxation. Again, they also create a feeling of euphoria. The use of chronic opioids results in the growth of incapacitating dependence, and this activity explains the management and assessment of opioid withdrawal.

Reasons for opioid withdrawal

When a person takes opioid medication for a lengthy period, his body does not show any sensitivity toward its effects. And with time, his body requires more drugs to achieve the same effects. It can turn into a highly dangerous thing that escalates the dangers of accidental overdose. When people take these drugs for a long period, they change the method by which nerve receptors do their job in the brain. When people become sick physically after they halt the use of opioid medication, it shows that he had become dependent physically on the drug. 

The use of kratom

Kratom is supposed to help people in overcoming opioid medication withdrawal. Kratom is a popular herbal extract that people get from Mitragyna speciosa, an evergreen tree, and it is found in Southeast Asia. People always buy high quality kratom as it is sold in the form of a dietary supplement. However, it is not regulated in the US currently though federal agencies take action to combat the false claims surrounding kratom. 

Asian people use kratom in small amounts to treat opium addiction or lessen fatigue, and in other parts, people take this component for easing withdrawal, relieving pain, feeling highly energetic, and lessening depression or anxiety. Again, people also take kratom to ease withdrawal, as kratom induces feelings of euphoria. 

The amount of kratom a person must take

The intake of kratom for a person is dependent on his requirements. Hence, the dosages vary based on the effects people look for. A person needs to find out his tolerance level. For instance, if a person wants the effects of kratom to be stimulating and easy-going, he should not exceed one to five grams of kratom. And when he needs kratom to get relief from pain, he must take five to fifteen grams of kratom powder. You will get several reputed online vendors from where you can buy high quality kratom. However, you must be conscious of the suggested dosages, as dosages that exceed fifteen grams are useful to get sedation effects. Similar to other self-medicating, people must begin with the lowest but most effective dosage.