Gout And Scleroderma, What You Should Know


As a very common and complex form of arthritis, gout can affect anyone. Arthritis can present itself in many different forms, and although they are not closely related, arthritis could be a symptom of scleroderma; a group of rare diseases that involve tightening and hardening of the connective tissues and skin.

No matter what might be the problem, the first thing you should do is visit your doctor. Start with proper research and find a doctor you trust. If you already have a family doctor, never wait too long before visiting a doctor after you feel that something is wrong!

Gout can cause a lot of pain


As it was mentioned, gout is a complex and common form of arthritis. An attack of this disease could appear very suddenly, and it could even wake you up in the middle of the night. The sensation is often as if your toe is on fire. The affected joint will be swollen, hot and so tender, that even the sheets could make it seem intolerable.

The symptoms of gout could come and go on their own, but there are also ways that one could manage the symptoms. If you are interested, you could check out gout treatment in Brisbane or visit a local doctor instead. Knowing the usual symptoms, can help you determine when to see a doctor.

Symptoms will often happen in a sudden manner and at night; they include:

  • Intense pain in your joints – gout will often affect the large joint in the big toe. However, it can occur in any joint in your body. Other joints that are commonly affected are knees, elbows, fingers, wrists, and ankles. The pain tends to be the most severe within 4-12 hours after it starts.
  • Lingering discomfort – once the severe pain has subsided, some of the discomfort in the joints could last from a couple of days, to a couple of weeks. As time goes by, the attacks that come later will last longer and they can affect more joints.
  • Inflammation and redness – the joints that are affected will become swollen, warm, red and tender.
  • Limited motion range – as the gout starts to progress, you might not be able to move your joints regularly.

Keep in mind that it is important that you do not try and self-diagnose yourself. You could easily diagnose yourself wrong, as arthritis can be a symptom of many other diseases, such as scleroderma. In that case, you might want to check out scleroderma medications in Brisbane from arthritisCARE or find a more local clinic and doctor.

Know what you are dealing with

Final word

No matter what the case might be, you should always visit your doctor. Do not avoid the inevitable, and visit your doctor on time. If your joints are hurting, or if you started experiencing sudden pain, it is very important that you schedule an examination and have a good chat with your doctor.