Feg eyelash enhancer serum a scam or really helps?

Getting the eyelashes like real celebrities without any fake lashes is a dream of most of girls. It might sound strange to many about growing their own lashes with the help of some kind serum. It is true that voluminous and lengthy lashes make women more attractive and the charm is everlasting and when someone says to enhance your eyelashes within 2 weeks then it becomes unbelievable for new users. That is what the feg eyelash enhancer serum is up to.


Feg eyelash enhancer is a serum that supports growth of eyelashes by natural means. It has active formula which stimulates the growth of hairs in the area where it is applied. Its formula contains vitamins, protein and natural roots extracts. The product is infection proof and you get no reaction like there always a threat in other products. Some products might irritate your eyes and make them red but feg eyelash serum does not do so. It improves the eyelash growth fast and the required time to provide you required results is 14-days or 2 weeks.

If you have already used some available eyelash enhancer serums from the market then you could be very quick in pointing out that how do such serums nothing even if you have used those for months. That is not the ultimate result you get after using feg eyelash enhancer. The formula claims to be unique with modern day researched ingredients included in it.

Ingredients and their functions:

It contains the combination of herbs, root extract and vitamins as active ingredients. How do these ingredients work in the formula and why those are added in feg eyelash enhancer is given below.

Castor Oil: it has been traditionally used for hair growth, skin care and even in acne treatment remedies. It protects skin from dryness and roughness. Castor oil is rich in vitamin E, omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, minerals and ricinoleic acid.  If we talk about its benefits for human scalp then it guards it from getting dandruff, weakness of follicles and thinning of hairs. It makes hair thicker and stronger. Traditionally, castor oil is used with honey to apply on eyelashes to make those stronger and thicker for their length olive oil is used after cleaning the area of application properly.  It has antioxidant properties those supports in cleansing acidic effect and support health production of keratin which advances hair production. Castor oil in feg eyelash enhancer serum is responsible for growth of eyelashes and makes those dense. If we have to talk about its benefits related to skin then it rehabilitates burns on skin, prevents it from getting acnes, redness and pigmentation. On the side of hair growth it hair graiying, scalp dryness, infection and bacterical attacks.

Coconut Oil: Primitive to some countries its natives are using it from centuries even in their curries and daily routine. They present it even to their guests as a drink. But the benefits of this oil are now being discussed. Even top journals are releasing the researches on this subject which reveals its benefits on skin, hair, immune system heart, cholesterol and fat burns.  It makes hair glowing, shining and guards them from environmental damage. If it is applied on damaged hairs it heals them fast. Coconut oil increases the immunity of body against disease as it contains antimicrobial properties to cope with bad microbes. It helps in preventing weight gain and stimulating fat burn in the body. Coconut oil is said to be anti depressant and mood lifter that assists in better cognitive functioning and solid memory. In feg eyelash enhancer serum it is responsible for making lashes glowing, shining and attractive.

VitaminE: It is a water soluble vitamin which in feg eyelash enhancer serum is responsible for thickening of eyelashes. Its benefits other than strong lashes are: controls cholesterol, prevents free radicals from damaging, anti-aging effects and balances hormones levels in body.

Antioxidants: free radical in human skin causes skin damage to skin cell which results in acnes, pimples and roughness to skin. Studies have showed that antioxidant gets absorbed into the skin and neutralizes the free radicals in upper part of skin. in this way they keep skin away from bad cells and prevent it from further damage.


  1. Thicker, stronger longer and shiny eyelashes.
  2. Provides results with in just 2-weeks.
  3. There are no side effects related to this supplement.

Where to buy?

You can buy Feg eyelash serum from multiple sources without any trouble. It is available at Amazon, eBay, Walmart and other major online shopping stores. The price is just $39.95 and there are no other added costs of this serum.

Side effect:

It is mixture of vitamins, minerals and root extracts which are full natural thus pose no potential infection or reaction. This formula is already very popular which does not need more endorsement from anyone as its results speak for itself. There is no threat for any of being scammed by feg lash as it is one of the most trusted brands in eyelash industry. You yourself can understand that how important is the trust for a brand and they can never think of scam unless they are willing to destroy themselves.

Customer reviews:

Donna: Although my eyelashes were not too small but I was looking for bigger one. I tried feg eyelash enhancer serum and I got my eyelashes more dense and conditioned than ever.

Patricia: I have been using falsies to show my eyelashes longer but that was just a fake satisfaction of looking attractive. My friend one day came with longer eyelashes to which to which I responded as falsies and she said no. I asked how and she responded “feg eyelash it’s awesome”. I bought its one pack and in a month it really changed my look.


Getting longer, thicker and glowing eyelashes is dream of every girl or women but to make it true many use traditional methods and get fail. Feg eyelashes enhancer serum provides you the required results within 14 days and that is true. With as little as $39.95 per one serum package enough for a month you can get your desired lashes enhanced.

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