Ear Health and Maintenance – Why is it Important to Get Hearing Assessment Done From Time to Time?


Getting your ears checked from time to time is the best and only way to ensure that your hearing never degrades. Highly experienced audiologists and doctors at reputable clinics like Audiology Centre West are some of the best professionals who suggest the use of different in-ear plugs to safeguard the ears from damage of any kind and also offer different disorder detection techniques and the different ways to treat them. 

The different disorders and their symptoms that you should always keep in mind are as follows. 

  • A ringing sound inside the ears even when there’s absolutely no external sound stimulus. 
  • Misbalance while moving in dark. 
  • Feeling dizzy every time you move your head. 
  • Nauseated feeling.
  • Inability to perceive the direction from where the sound is coming. 

If you’re experiencing a ringing noise that’s constant in your head, then it’s tinnitus. 

If you’re unable to perform a specific skill like processing acoustic signals or inability for auditory discrimination, then it’s most probably Attention Processing Disorder (APD).

If you’re experiencing problems in maintaining the body’s balance, then it’s most likely that you’re suffering from vertigo. 

If you’re experiencing any or all such symptoms, then you need to visit an audiologist on priority to minimize the damage already caused. 

Moving on, audiologists specifically suggest using high-quality silicone ear plugs to protect your ears from loud voices and music. A couple of such in-ear monitors that are audiologists-suggested gadgets are given below. 

  1. The MAX Ear-Plug

This ear plug, with a dual driver and a single crossover design, is a universal ear plug that’s made of silicone material. The benefits of silicone are as follows. 

  • It perfectly fits around the edges and ear contours so that the sound doesn’t leak at all. 
  • It is extremely flexible and soft. Hence, it’s safe to wear this one for long continuous hours since you won’t experience discomfort of any sort. 

Now, the specialties of this in-ear monitor are:

  • It is very sensitive for the audio that’s loud and fast without the sound getting distorted. 
  • It’s a true musicians ear plug that produces a stunning and clear output at low volume settings as well. 
  1. The 3MAX Ear-plug

As the name suggests, this one is a triple driver ear-plug that offers a wonderful dual bass sound. Also:

  • This universal ear-plug is compatible with all IEM devices. 
  • It offers increased bass.

All in all, this is a wonderful to-do guide that, when followed, will keep your ears healthy for a long time.