Dental veneers – When is it considered to be the best option?


Do you know which treatment is considered one of the most suitable choices for cosmetic dentistry? Well, if not, let us enlighten you. Have you heard of veneers? Veneer is a custom-made shell, more like a shield, that is attached to your teeth to fix cracks, gaps, chips, discoloration, and other dental problems. A high-quality dental implant material like porcelain is used for customizing veneers and is done by certified technicians. Are you planning to fix your imperfect teeth? Let us read when dental veneers are considered the best option, as suggested by a dentist in Springfield, VA:

When you want a less visible option

Dental veneers is a transparent aligner that allows you to fix the alignment of your teeth without making it obvious. In other words, braces are a quite visible option for fixing dental structures, but veneers can do the work without being noticed.

When you want to fix your dental structure

Veneer is an alignment option that helps you fix the uneven teeth structure and enhance your smile. In other words, if you have an uneven tooth structure, you can opt for dental veneers. It fixes chipped or broken teeth, thereby improving your smile appearance.

Fixing teeth gap

Do you know that teeth gaps are considered a rare phenomenon? Well, even if you want to get it fixed, there are options available, and one such option is a dental veneer. When you get a veneer fixed, your teeth gaps are covered, and thus, there is no need for long-term teeth aligner usage. 

Teeth whitening

Most people are unaware that a dental veneer can be used to fix discoloration problems in your teeth. It is an alternative to teeth whitening procedures or can be used if the procedure doesn’t work on your teeth. Veneers will provide a more natural look to your teeth and are also made of anti-stain material, so the need for periodic whitening sessions is eliminated.

Still confused? Don’t worry; your dentist will offer multiple options of veneers. With so many types, starting from removable porcelain to composite veneers, choosing the right option will become easier. As it is one of the most commonly performed procedures, you would easily find professionals who are great at designing veneers for patients. Just visit your dentist and discuss your ideal choice of veneers and the outcome you are expecting, and your veneers will be ready to enhance your smile.