Program Update!
New special lecture on Testosterone and Cardiovascular Risk: What’s the Truth?
Get the facts about testosterone from the experts, including perspectives on the FDA decision to review cardiovascular risks with treatment and the underlying studies for that decision published in JAMA and Plos One. Learn who is a good candidate for treatment and who is not.

Men’s health is a new and exciting discipline that includes many of the most challenging and fast-moving topics of our day. This course is designed to address key controversial issues in men’s health, such as when it is appropriate to perform PSA testing, the management of low-risk prostate cancer, the risks and benefits of testosterone therapy, and management of depression and substance abuse.  In contrast to most CME courses, which address male-specific issues as isolated entities, this intensive two-day course brings together many key topics in men’s health so that you will have the opportunity to synthesize and integrate your understanding of men with inter-related conditions.  We are committed to providing an educational event that will not only grant you new  new factual and practical information, but will also stimulate a new, innovative approach to men and their health.Our outstanding multi-disciplinary faculty, recognized as leaders in both clinical practice and medical education, will address key issues in men’s health and  provide new perspectives on health care issues for men as a whole. Teaching will primarily be through state-of-the-art lectures,  followed by question and answer sessions involving the audience. Group case discussions will also be integrated into the curriculum.If you take this course you will?

  • Leave this course with all of your pressing questions about men’s health answered
  • Learn from the brightest and most authoritative medical minds in the field
  • Leave with a comprehensive syllabus packed with a wealth of knowledge
  • Learn cutting edge strategies for screening and treating common men’s health conditions

Meet The Directors

William C. DeWolf, MD
Abraham Morgentaler, MD, FACS


Do you know the answers to these questions?

  • For which patients should you recommend testosterone replacement?
  • When is it appropriate to test PSA levels?
  • Which men diagnosed with prostate cancer are candidates for active surveillance (observation with close follow-up)?

These are just a small sample of the questions you will be able to answer after completing this course.